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Welcome to Family Music Studio – Our First Article


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This article is about family music studio. It will be about what we love to do.

With our love of music at the heart of what we do, it’s our goal to provide expert music teaching in a friendly and relaxed environment. We believe in nurturing our students and encouraging them to express their specific musical talents, learning at their own pace while supported by structured teaching.

Music classes for adults, kids Our tutors have years of experience and are extremely adept at ensuring all students achieve their potential. As a locally owned and operated family company, we’re committed to providing quality music teaching for everyone, regardless of age or skill level.

At Family Music Studio, we offer a Variety of music classes for kids and Adults alike. Our Easy Piano Chord System, kids piano classes allows any novice to be playing their first song in minutes instead of hours.

Our teachers like Jane are professionals. Jane has over a decade of experience in piano playing and has completed VCE Music Performance in 2016. She is currently studying Bachelor of Education (Honours) and Bachelor of Music, specialising in Classical Piano Performance at Monash University.

Learn more about us and get in touch!

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