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Contemporary Music

Our instrument is very new in musical history, thus commissioning and performing new pieces is truly our greatest option for studying interesting repertoire. This enables

Family Music Studio

Learning bass

With this step-by-step tutorial for beginners, you can learn how to play bass guitar. Start off by learning the fundamental chords and finger skills. The

Family Music Studio

Easy chord method

Learning how to switch between chords effortlessly is a vital skill to master. Many types of music rely significantly on chords, therefore beginners should make

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Music theory

The study of music’s practices and potential is known as music theory. The first is the “rudiments,” which are required to recognize tune notation (key

Family Music Studio

Learning Classical Music

Many people in today’s society choose to learn just contemporary music genres like jazz and pop music. Classical music is seen by the majority of

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Learning Music for kids

Learning music can have a serious influence on a child’s intellectual, perceptual, and highly interactive advancement. Children exposed to music education also assists in the uncovering of inherent aptitude and the development of relevant vocalists. It’s a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with their children while also appreciating the power of music. Benefits: A child’s overall mental development

Family Music Studio


One of the most known and highly utilized instruments is the guitar. The guitar is attractive because it is lightweight, versatile, polyphonic, and easy to



Piano is the mother of all instruments, it is the perfect instrument to playfully acquire a good general musical understanding. From a very soft melody


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piano playing
Playing Music

Music Memory Magic

Young Children who take Music Lessons have better memories than their non-musical peers. Researchers have found that four to six year olds who take Music

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