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Easy chord method

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Learning how to switch between chords effortlessly is a vital skill to master. Many types of music rely significantly on chords, therefore beginners should make learning chords a top priority.
Let’s take a look at the first chords you should learn and practise before moving on to how to practise chords.
Easy open chords are the first chords you should master because they are utilised in so many tunes.

Em, Am, C, D, G, E, A, Dm are the eight chords you should master initially and practise every day.
You’ll be able to start studying some of the Easy Chord Based Songs once you’ve mastered these chords.
You will fare significantly better than someone who practises chords for an hour but only once in a week if you practises for 10 minutes every day.
If you’re serious about learning chords quickly, practise them twice a day. Before you go to bed, do a brief practise in the morning and another exercise in the evening.

To efficiently practise chords, divide your practise time into three sections:

• Memorization: master the ability to remember each chord from memory.

• Chord Changes: be able to swap between any two chords in an instant.

• Timing: the ability to enter a chord at the appropriate time.

The stages to remembering guitar chords are as follows:

• Decide on a chord to memorise.

· Look over the chord diagram.

• Close your eyes and see your hand forming a chord shape.

• Check your work by opening your eyes and looking at the chord diagram.

• Do it again, but this time with a different chord.


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