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Piano is the mother of all instruments, it is the perfect instrument to playfully acquire a good general musical understanding. From a very soft melody to the most complicated harmony piano offers a wide range of versatility. The harmony of piano will give peerless pleasure to the player as well as the audience. . Piano holds the major role in any track of music whether it is a solo or combination. Any type of music will resonate healthier in piano.

Piano is the founder of other musical instruments. All 88 notes of musical scale are covered in piano. Piano teaches both treble clef and bass clef unlike any other
instruments permit any one of it. Piano will teach you to read two staves at once (one for the left hand and the other for the right) instead of single melodic line. The
players of piano are trained on all four harmonic parts of music while most of the instrument allow one at a time. Piano will develop your hand-eye coordination as
you need to able to find notes while looking at your music and reading ahead. After learning piano it will be much easier to learn any other instruments.

Pianists become more skilful as it will help you to sharpen your concentration, emotional intelligence and can also increase your memory capacity. Playing piano provides maximum coordination of brain to hands and feet. By research we came to know that piano lessons have significant role on increasing Human Growth Hormone, which will slow down your aging. Also helps you to reduce
anxiety, loneliness, depression, heart and respiratory rates, cardiac complications and increase immune response.

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