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The Power of the Piano


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It may just be a musical instrument but according to Dr Debra Shipman, a Nurse Educator at the Salem CAMC in Virginia and a Piano Student at the Performing Arts Institute of Virginiain Blacksburg – The Piano is a Wonder drug for our Minds too.

  1. Reading Music and playing the Piano enhances Mood and Quality of living, especially among older Adults. Studies have reported less acute feeling of Isolation, reduced Anxiety and enhanced Brain function.
  2. The Brain function on a “Use or Lose it” basis and playing a Musical Instrument such as the Piano helps reorganise the Brain’s neural Pathways.
  3. Playing a Musical Instrument, as distinct from merely listening to music, helps reduce the incidence of Dementia. Studies have found six months of Piano Lessons in older Adults improves Brain function, Memory and Dexterity.
  4. Playing the Piano lowers Cortisol levels and decreases anxiety, which also aids desease prevention.

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